How to Get Your Baby to Sleep, A Criticism

The articles on about children are really quite irritating, and I can’t help but wonder who thought that it would be a good idea to put them up. Anywho, today’s criticism is about the article, How to Get Your Baby to Sleep, Part II. While part I is plenty disagreeable itself, part II got me with this:

“While I could still not sleep through the cacophonous noises of baby and toddler cries, I knew that sometimes children just need to learn how to sleep and self-soothe, tough love style. Over the course of 3 nights, things hit their worst state in my house. I would wake up and my older son would be asleep at his gate, or worse – he’d be asleep at the gate covered in vomit.”

Woah, wait, WHAT??!! You locked your toddler in his room, let him scream and cry while covered in vomit until he passed out from exhaustion, and you’re encouraging other mothers to do the same?! How do you justify this as being a good idea?

Think of it this way: Your child loves you. For what ever reason, he needed to be close to you, to feel safe, warm, and loved, so he climbed into your bed to sleep next to you. And in return, you did everything you could to shut him out, make him feel cold, uncomfortable, and alone, just so that you could have your bed all to yourself because, “[You] have a hard enough time sharing bed space and blankets with [your] husband.” Then you pretend that it’s normal that your child cries himself to sleep every night.

Get over yourself.

A content and peaceful mind can sleep through almost anything. The reason why you sleep so poorly is not because of your children, but because of you. Stop punishing your kids and start fixing your personal problems instead — and for the love of God, STOP giving awful advice to other people!

One thought on “How to Get Your Baby to Sleep, A Criticism

  1. I completely agree with your frustration. Personally, my daughter wouldn’t sleep alone so, in the end, I co-slept with her. I suppose I could have done some ferber method on her, but honestly, I think kids should be next to their moms when they’re babies & especially because then she & I both get to sleep, & everyone is better off that way. Also, I read many research docs during those weeks of no-sleep & before during pregnancy & found that while ‘letting the child self-soothe’ aka ‘cry it out’ does not teach them to be more independent but teaches them that when they reach out no one comes, it doesn’t teach them independence but teaches them isolation & emotional under-development. (just saying’)

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