Corset Style Bra Experiment

Maybe this will also function as a shameless grab for attention.


I wasn’t going to model this. I happen to be a very modest person, and the idea of posting my cleavage on the internet was less than appealing, to say the least. But my Lover pointed out that we had no way to show what it actually looks like, so I decided that y’all can look at my stretch marks if you want. Behold my stretch marks!

I’ve been getting pickier and pickier about bras over the past couple of years, and I’ve given up entirely on the traditional design. This would be my latest experiment, a sort of corset-bra hybrid. When I drafted the pattern for this, I did one inch seam allowances for some strange reason and they were bulky and difficult to work with. I do not recommend using one inch seam allowances on lingerie.

I need to improve the shape of the cup.

I was also kind of sloppy in sewing this together, so at some point here I may unpick some seams and redo them.

As another experiment, I used bamboo as boning — it works well in the back and side seams, but I don’t much care for it in the front. Sure, I *could* start sitting up straight, but I don’t wanna.

And now the gallery: