Cloth Diapers

A response to this post.

The amount that this woman spent on cloth diapers is . . . preposterous. Sure, if your rich and you like to think that you’re eco-friendly (with bumper stickers on the back of your SUV to prove it), then go ahead and buy the fancy-shmancy crap. But if your point is to save money (or actually help the environment), then for God’s sake make smarter choices! And DON’T go claiming that disposable diapers are cheaper during the first few months!

My family pooled together some money to buy diapers for me, so I asked for OsoCozy prefolds. They purchased five dozen for me at a cost of $180, and I immediately put two packages into storage unopened (for future babies), so I have three dozen in use; that’s $108 for the diapers I’m actually using at the moment. They also got three packages of cloth wipes for about $33, and I made diaper covers out of a wool sweater that we bought at Goodwill for $5. Which brings the grand total up to . . .

. . . Wait for it . . .

. . .



And since cloth diapers are — you guessed it — reusable, diapering my next baby (and maybe the one after that) will cost me $0, or very close to it. Take that, disposables!

Sure, the diapers that I got are recommended for babies 15-30lbs, but I put them on my 5lb baby anyway. They were comically bulky, but you know what? She didn’t mind, none of the other babies made fun of her, and everyone thought that it was the most adorable thing ever. These diapers are also absorbent enough to last through the night.

Now that’s some serious money saving.