Walk of Shame

The Essential A-Line Skirt

This is a tutorial on basic pattern alteration. It’s so simple and basic that I can’t help but wonder . . . if you’re buying a pattern anyway, why bother? There are numerous patterns available for every style of skirt out there, so get the one that you want. If you’re really passionate about creating custom patterns, learn how to draft them yourself — it’s cheaper. Don’t waste your money on buying a pattern that you dislike.

Since this tutorial doesn’t explain how to resize a pattern, or what to do if your hip and waist measurements are two different sizes (something that I’ve been plagued with for years), you’d be better off following the instructions that came with the pattern you bought. You know, those brown folded up pieces of paper that are Not Pattern but are still useful anyway? Yeah, those. Read them. Even though the quality of writing has declined through the years, you can still glean information from the pictures that accompany each step.