Walk of Shame – Attack of the MOM BODY

Attack of the MOM BODY

This isn’t sewing or fashion related, but it was simply too awful for me to pass up. For starters, the title of the site is “Aiming Low”, with “perfectly mediocre!” as the catch phrase. With an opening like that, you know it’s going to be bad.

The summary of this article is that having kids is so horrible that the only course of action is to eat your way into an early grave. Because, you know, watching TV and spending your husband’s hard earned cash on useless frivolities is like WAY more important than the well being of an infant human being, and if you can’t indulge in your self-centered immaturity then there’s no point in living. Just make sure that you make everyone else miserable while you’re on your way out.

Women like this shouldn’t be allowed to have babies.

So, the first sentence is “The biggest fear of every girl in her 20′s, is her body changing into a mom body.” I’m 24 and I possess a uterus, so I’m fairly certain that I’m supposed to be included in that. Except that my body changing isn’t my biggest fear — the gas stove exploding in a fiery ball of death is. I know it’s irrational, but what can I say? I’m a woman. Anyway, I personally found the changes of childbearing to be quite titillating. I became softer, curvier, and my oh my are my breasts looking fine! It was exciting to transition from maiden to mother. My “mom body” is incredibly hot. So, I’m pretty sure that his article isn’t about the physical differences that come with fertility fulfilled, it’s about hating yourself, your kids, and your life.

Only alcoholics count down the minutes till they can drink.

The worst part is that the article is written like women are the helpless victims of excess fat — that it sneaks up on them in the middle of the night while they’re innocently twiddling their lady parts in the hopes of getting some enjoyment out of their miserable lives. I hate to break it to you, but you chose to live an unhealthy lifestyle and obesity is the consequence. Don’t blame it on your kids.

I regard this blog with an extra special sort of hate.