Baby Blanket

While I was working on this back in April, I saw that I had only a couple of inches left to do and I thought, “I’m definitely going to get this finished before the baby comes!” Then my water broke that night. HA HA! Joke was on me.

Remember the yarn I made? Here it is.

Once again, my camera didn’t want to take color accurate photos, so I did some more compensating.

I finished it a couple weeks ago, but was too busy mastering the art of juggling chores while taking care of a baby to bother posting about it. Plus I hit my six week postpartum mark, so I had better things to do. Anywho, after I finished it I soaked the blanket overnight in water mixed with hair conditioner to soften up the fibers, and it was moderately successful. At some point I may soak it in lanolin to see if I can get it even softer, but for now I’m content to keep it folded up and stored away from the cats and their fur.

I used the Sprout Baby Blanket pattern.


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