Healthy Appreciation

Apparently when you have a baby, people start throwing clothes at you until you beg them to stop, and living on the opposite side of the country is no barrier against the insanity. I now have enough baby girl things to drown in. The real kicker is that for the most part I only bother dressing my baby up when we go somewhere, which happens about once every two weeks. My excuse is that it gets hot during the day, and diaper changes are so much easier when I don’t have to go through any layers to get to it.

So, I’ve decided that it’s time for me to teach my baby a healthy appreciation for clothing. Emphasis on healthy.

I love clothes. I aspire to have a robust collection of all sorts of styles and colors that could easily overfill a standard sized closet. However, that’s a lifetime goal rather than an extravagant shopping trip with credit cards. To put it one way, I want my closet to reflect my accomplishments as a clothier, and NOT a lifetime of vanity and shortsightedness. I want my daughter’s future closet to reflect her personal style and goals.

And of course, I want her closet to reflect my relationship with her as well, and include plenty of items that I made for her.

Dressing her up every day isn’t going to be as easy as keeping her swaddled in her diaper, but it is a hell of a lot cuter. Besides, it might motivate me to start changing my own clothes again, instead of going a week straight without even a pajama break.