Kudos – Ivory Barefoot Sandals

I’ve gone and moved again, which means that my sewing machine is currently packed away while we hack out a space for it in our new place (and just when I was starting to get back into the swing of things!). I do have a few projects that I need to get pictures of whenever I decide to stop being lazy, so updates will eventually come.

Life lesson: Scorpios don’t ever outgrow the craziness, even if they say they do.

Anyway, since pregnancy has made me fat and complacent, I’m probably not going to be in the mood for making fun of fashion or criticizing your sloppy tutorials for at least a couple more months. It’s hard to be scathing when midway through a sentence my stomach starts hiccuping, causing my brain to turn to goo because oh-my-God-little-babies, after which I have completely forgotten what I was doing before and don’t really care. So, in that light, I figure that there’s nothing wrong with keeping my brain completely out of the equation by simply pointing and saying, “I like that.”

Ivory barefoot sandals by Lasunka.

I like that.