My partner and I went to a charming local fabric store in search of Gingher scissors, and in between the sweet old ladies tutoring me and showing off their own work, my partner asked them about the quality of new Gingher scissors. We were told that, like everything else, the new scissors weren’t as well built as they used to be. So, we decided to find a vintage pair.

“The only way that someone is going to give up their pair of Ginghers,” we were told, “is if they die.”

My partner turned to Ebay, and luck was on our side. We got this pair for $20 (including shipping), which is half of the retail price of new scissors. My particular pair belonged to a woman who sewed heavily before passing on, and now I humbly take up the task myself. We shall make many beautiful things together.

And yes, these scissors really are that nice. It’s hard to stop myself from cutting up every bit of fabric I have, just to hear that wonderful snip.

Even though these scissors are already quite sharp, I intend to take them back to the fabric store for some touching up, as well as more conversation.

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