Alteration Avenue – Exercise Pants

I put on a baggy shirt thinking that I could get away with it, but when I looked at the picture I thought, “Honey, you ain’t foolin’ nobody.” So, I put on a t-shirt and took a new photo.

Surprise! I’ve gained 20 pounds.

Okay, okay, I’m 26 weeks pregnant. Consequently, I’m going to be posting maternity clothes and baby things for the next while.

These were originally a pair of gaucho pants from the 60’s or 70’s, that had the crotch hanging clear down at the knees in a dreadfully tacky fashion, so I moved that part up to where it belongs, then added “frills” made from a stretched out old t-shirt. I wanted something that would be fun to wear while I’m learning belly dancing, but that I could still use for yoga and other exercises. These pants have been perfect.


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  1. I’m very excited. I decided to keep it secret for awhile because of all of the crazy stuff that was going on around me, but now that everything has settled down and I’m starting my third trimester, I figured that it was about time I said something.

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