Walk of Shame – Gallery of Horrors

Given the new skill that I’m currently learning, I decided to spend some time looking around online at what other people have done. There are some very beautiful hand spun yarns that are a wonderful mix of colours, and there are some “novelty” yarns that look like they spent some time vacationing in a cat’s digestive system. Today I bring you the latter.

I’m not going to link to the people who made these. If you’re truly curious, then search around on Etsy to find out for yourself.

Ah, the luxurious colours, the playful mix of clumps and curls. I’m not sure if it was wound into a skein, or merely piled together in what the creator hoped was an appealing mess. It reminds me of an old clown wig that has seen better days and better circuses.

I’m sure that this particular bit of yarn was inspired by dreadlocks, since it captures that matted, messy look of dirty hippies who haven’t bathed in years. I almost expect to see bits of twigs sticking out.

There’s only seven yards of this stuff, but since it appears to be sprouting that probably won’t be much of an issue in the future. Just be sure that you don’t feed it after midnight.

You can set this delightful piece up in a tree and have a pre-made bird’s nest! Now, if only the birds weren’t so terrified of it.

Fiberglas insulation, or rotten meat?