Spinning Yarn Tutorials

I’m putting this together because I liked the tutorials from The Art of Megan, but I couldn’t find anywhere that linked them all together in the order of the steps. It would have been easier on me if I had known about ALL of the steps before I jumped in, but then I wouldn’t have been inspired to write this.

All of the videos are done by The Art of Megan. I am just linking to them on YouTube.


Pre Drafting

My Lover tells me that he’s seen people who can draft at the same time that they are spinning. Those people are skilled, and I admire them for their ability. However, for those of us who are beginners, this step is essential.

My advice is to take the time to REALLY get to know the fibre. Pay attention to the way it feels and the way the fibres slide past each other. This is the most intimate you’ll ever get with any yarn, and the better you understand it in this step the easier the rest of the process will be.



Spinning is about a million times easier to do with predrafting, since all you have to do is let the fibres twist together and take care of any lumps that pop up. Or you can leave them in and call it a “novelty yarn,” since someone was apparently a really awesome salesperson in the past (“Mistakes? No! Those lumps were done on purpose for a unique look!”)

Don’t worry if the yarn bunches in on itself if you let it go slack — you haven’t over twisted it. You’ll notice that the yarn starts behaving differently after a certain point in spinning, and that the drop spindle will be more resistant to turning. My recommendation is that you don’t go past that point.



I’ve noticed that with this step in particular, the professional how-tos want you to spend more money on more tools, so this next video is a nice alternative for those of us who don’t like buying lots of shit.

I’ve read several different methods of how to set in the twist, ranging from hot water and white vinegar, to a gentle wash followed by a harsh whacking. I haven’t yet reached this step with my own experimentations, so I can’t say which method is more effective. But remember, you are working with natural fibres, so treat it accordingly.


And that’s it! The bare basics of spinning, set in order for you to enjoy.