Spinning Yarn

I was given some Christmas money this year, and after some deep thinking about the matter I finally decided what I wanted to spend it on. I didn’t want this particular bit to get stashed away “just in case,” because it was about time for me to get a present. You know, after that nightmare of 2011. So, I went out shopping on Monday.

A drop spindle! Because I don’t have enough time consuming hobbies as it is!

I can get 16 oz of pre-carded wool for less than $20, which makes it pretty damned cost effective (if you’ve looked at the prices in a yarn shop, you’ll understand). I’m also planning on dying the wool myself once I get the practice of making it down, so spinning yarn will be an artistic project in and of itself (I’m very much looking forward to experimenting with dyes). Where I decide to go with this — making yarn just for my projects or making enough to sell skeins — will depend on how much I end up liking the process. Currently I’m still in the, “Okay, what the hell am I doing?” phase, so it’s impossible to tell.

So far I haven’t found any decent tutorials about it online, but I also haven’t looked too closely since I prefer to jump into things head first and then figure out what’s going on. For the most part, watching the videos on YouTube leaves me with the deep feeling that I’m missing some key step, because my wool isn’t twisting up as easily as theirs is.

Or maybe I’m just learning.


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