Your Secrets Reveal Themselves

Cold weather means that the ultra-tight, nothing-is-secret pants are back. In a way I have to admit that these girls are getting the fit almost perfectly – tight enough to cling to every inch with nary a wrinkle, and yet with enough room for the fabric to climb its way high up into their butt crack. The result is that one doesn’t need to bother finding the porn videos in order to know the size and shape of a particular girl’s parts.

Soooooo classy.

Honey, I hate to break it to you, but there is no Photoshop in real life. You aren’t pulling off the bad-ass, sex vixen look that you think you are.

I hope that one day society as a whole will look back with embarrassment and wonder, “What were we thinking?” Like they have with every other fashion that has come and gone.

4 thoughts on “Your Secrets Reveal Themselves

  1. LOVE THIS! My first post to read after following & it’s so true… How do you not notice you have camel toe in your jeans?! That has to be uncomfortable. I love my hippie skirts & loose flares!

  2. There are a lot of loose fitting winter pants out there. Wool pants are not fitted, for example. Or just a wide leg trousers or jeans that women can wear instead of fitted leggings, etc.

  3. Taylor, just because those items of Winter apparel exist, does not necessarily mean they actually will be.

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