Happy Anniversary

Two years ago today I met a man who was dark and intriguing, and who made me feel giddy in ways that no man had ever made me feel before. I instantly felt comfortable with him, so much so that I told him everything in my mind — including my thought that he was my soul mate. Time seemed to be on our side, moving slowly to make the magic of the evening last as long as possible.

Our first kiss was amazing, soft and tender. It was as if he was exploring me with his lips, learning about me with the touch, and expressing his approval at everything he found. It was followed by many more kisses.

I did not want the night to end, and I did not want to part from him, so we made an agreement: we weren’t going to end our first date, but instead pick it up where we left off. Day after day.

It’s been two years now, full of adventures and experiences, with his constant companionship keeping me strong and helping me have the courage to follow my dreams. In return, I take joy in doing everything I can to support and care for him.

To you, my love, a happy anniversary.


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