I’m feeling all crocheted out for the moment, so I figured that I’d take a break and do some writing.

People love my fingerless gloves. They would have sold five times over during the first day except for one thing: I sized them for me. Apparently I have very small wrists. They’re so small, in fact, that they could be 3/4″ bigger and I would still be considered small boned. They are much smaller than the average person’s.

It was kind of a weird realization. I don’t feel that tiny.

So I’ve been making bigger gloves, and it scares me to do so. I’m convinced that they are too big. I can’t meticulously check the fit to make corrections while I work on them. I have to go on faith that they’ll fit perfectly, or that the person buying them won’t know what a perfect fit is like. It’s all really quite horrible.


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