We found the Goodwill Outlet store around here — a paradise for people who sew.

For those who aren’t familiar with thrift stores, the Outlet store puts everything into loosely sorted bins (think clothes versus books) then prices it by the pound. Shopping involves a lot of digging and a lot of luck. It’s spectacular.

Clothes go for about a dollar a pound. That means that if one wanted to alter clothes and sell them, supplies for it would come cheap.

It’s a shame I don’t have a place to set up my sewing machine, right?

I found my way to the spools of thread. Industrial spools. Giant, fucking huge spools. Spools that could crush God. Okay, so maybe I exaggerate a little, but you get the idea. These spools are so big, all the wannabe-crafters bitch about how they wouldn’t fit on their machines, while the more curious timidly ask what they could be used for.

Anything that overwhelms the average mind is my cup of tea; I bought one in every colour I could find.

Most of it is 100% rayon floss, so I wouldn’t put it through my machine no matter what size the spool was. I’ve been using it for crochet. Rayon floss, for crochet. Have I mentioned that I’m a fairly hardcore masochist?

The floss is slick, so it doesn’t stay in the loops willingly. Any slip ups and half the row will spring for sweet, sweet liberty. (She’s not exaggerating! An entire row can evaporate faster than the eye can follow! -ed.)

The result is amazing.

I bought some seriously tiny crochet hooks in another thrift store back in Oregon, solely because they were so tiny, and they have finally found their calling. I’m rather surprised at how conveniently that worked out.

In summary, I’m very excited.


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