On Dressing Like a Hippie

It happened purely by accident.

I recently made some brightly colored wrist warmers, that I’ve been wearing around everywhere out of a deep sense of love. Combined with my Ritual Skirt, kerchief, and a ballerina shrug, I suppose that I do cut the figure. It doesn’t help that I live in a van (at least it isn’t a VW bus).

Our last move landed us in a city where hippies are idolized, so I find myself in good company. Granted, my style is a tad bit (or a lot bit) more authentic than most everyone else, but at least I don’t stick out quite as much as I usually do. ‘Hippie’ was the last thing that I had in mind when I started compiling my outfit — I went with what was practical while still fitting my tastes. And a deep and everlasting love for my brightly colored wrist warmers.

I plan on marketing the hell out of this development.