Problem Solving

I’ve been working out how to design and sew clothing while homeless.

Hand sewing is easy, and I rather enjoy it. I’ve already hand sewn a couple of projects while sitting in coffee shops. The problem has always been with cutting and ironing – preparing projects for construction and ensuring neatness during the process.

I don’t mind being homeless. In fact, it’s rather nice not having to pay rent. Sure, I miss home cooking and hot baths, but really the most painful aspect has been wanting to sew and not being able to. Of course, enough pain often leads to creative solutions . . .

There are a number of projects that I probably won’t be able to pull off – I imagine that it would be difficult to keep a wedding dress clean and unwrinkled, for instance – but the usual skirts and blouses would be perfectly doable. And, like I implied before, I am intimately familiar with hand sewing. It’s slower, but it gets you there – often more neatly too.

And thus, true passion is born.