The Meaning of Absence

What does it mean when a city doesn’t have any craft stores?

I’ve been thinking about that since yesterday. A few days ago we arrived in a university town, and explored it in hopes of finding THE PLACE we want to settle down. Yesterday we searched for the craft stores listed on Yelp, and found all of them had gone out of business.

Walmart is the only store that sells fashion fabrics.

And what does that mean?

I came from a unique background, where basic sewing was part of the required curriculum in schools, so it’s hard for me to grasp that there aren’t any sewing supply stores around here. What about the people who make their own Halloween costumes? Where are the crafty moms? How are the kids supposed to learn how to sew on buttons?

Are we really to the point where the average college student will throw away a shirt because of a split seam, rather than repair it?

There aren’t even any big chain stores.

Unless this city has some sort of saving grace, I have not found home. I have merely found the horrible truth of what our society has become.