The Boring Beige Shawl

I’ve been trying to knit a shawl.

I got a bunch of beige cotton yarn at a thrift store, because it was Not Acrylic and I wanted yarn. Since I’ve wanted a shawl for longer than I can remember, I decided that that would make a good project. I picked a pretty pattern, and got to work.

Except that it wouldn’t work. No matter how slowly or carefully I went, mistakes kept popping up. I spent most of the time re-working rows and undoing stitches. After awhile of not making any progress, I decided to give up. The yarn clearly did not like the pattern.

Since it’s simple yarn, I decided that a simple design would work better. I find cotton yarn to be fairly boring, but I like the way it knits up – a perfect base. I plan on exploring yarn embroidery with this project.

It’s a fairly common move of mine: If a project won’t go smoothly, then I figure that the materials want to be a different shape. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t have a say, after all.

In news of my personal life, my partner and I just finished driving across the country, yet again. I’m hoping that this time we can settle down and have a few boring months to build up our lives again.