I haven’t been updating lately, do to the fact that I’m currently homeless again. ‘Cause, you know, some things are just so awesome that you have to do them more than once, for the experience. The short of it is that we moved to a new state for a new job, and discovered that the housing market could only be described as Over Saturated.

So, while my Lover has been off doing the manly task of killing sabre tooth tigers with his bare hands and bringing home the meat for our supper (metaphorically speaking), I’ve been learning how to knit. We bought a wonderful set of Addi Click knitting needles, which are an absolute dream to work with, and I’ve been visiting the library in search of patterns to try. I had mild hopes that knitting patterns would make more sense than crochet patterns, but unfortunately they do not. I’m really quite in awe at how badly these patterns are fucked up, and even more astounded that other people somehow use them. While women may be better suited for the domestic task of making socks and sweaters, they REALLY suck at writing instructions — the confounding messes posted on-line reek of a feminine touch.

I’m finding myself drifting towards the patterns that use a chart. There’s no “clever” writing to get in the way.

Another note of interest is the apparent way that knitters hate crochet. I’ve always been aware of it, but for some reason it never occurred to me how one sided the feud actually is. Knitters HATE crochet. It’s quite possibly a classic case of elitism, where We Aren’t Like Them is their only motivation. Knitting patterns apologize profusely whenever a crochet hook is called for, and the idea of combining the two techniques is likely to get you excommunicated from your knitting circle. Crochet, on the other hand, has techniques like broomstick lace, and they idly toss around the idea of crocheting decorative fringes on any knitted thing. The yarn is the important part, really.

That’s why, no matter what method I end up preferring in the future, I will never consider myself to be a Knitter.

Of course, I’ll never consider myself to be a Crocheter either. I’m in the business of making clothes, and I’m not too picky about the method.