Butterfly Garter Belt

Blah, blurry photo. So, a few days ago I thought to myself, “Why can’t I make a garter belt?” and set to work. It’s not actually finished since I need to buy the clips for the stockings, but I’m still very pleased with it. The only problem is that I made it a bit smaller than I had anticipated (in my defence, I’m horribly stressed and prone to bouts of not thinking properly), so the back straps don’t line up properly with my legs.

Since it was made with woven fabric instead of spandex, it will actually stay put instead of getting pulled down by the stockings. Hooray!

Detailed picture of my butterfly. I like to incorporate embroidery into a lot of my projects, since it’s fun and I like the practice.

The back, with corset style lacing. It holds it very securely on my waist, which I absolutely love.

I made the pattern by tracing my store-bought garter belt, but it’s pretty straight forward. In the future I’ll make the patterns mathematically to ensure better fit and placement of straps.


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