Walk of Shame

I’m doing this because I can.

For this first criticism, I offer you the No-Cut DIY Cloth Napkins.

So, if you want to be crafty, but you don’t actually want to do anything, then this is the tutorial for you! If you don’t want to bother copy-pasting the URL to check it out, then let me summarize it: Buy pre-cut fabric squares. Hem them. Ta-da! You’ve got yourself some fucking nice napkins. The only thing better would be buying some pre-hemmed ones, because seriously, at this point you’re only fooling yourself with that “DIY” label.

I mean, really, are you incapable of cutting straight lines even with a rotary cutter and ruler? Then why the hell are you trying to make stuff? Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you?

The only excuses I’ll accept involve a horrible firecracker accident and a burning passion for hemming.

I’m really surprised that the instructions didn’t include using a hemming foot.  They actually want you pull out the iron and fold over an even edge, which is really quite presumptuous of them, considering that you can’t even cut a straight line and all. Or maybe they assume that you’re not skilled enough to use such an attachment, considering that you can’t even cut a straight line and all.

They didn’t even include instruction on how to do neatly tucked corners.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, that site also includes a tutorial on how to Make You Own No-Sew Cloth Napkins.

Spoiler: You have to sew a blind-hem! Boy do I feel misled.


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