The Right Kind of Needle

I have a confession to make: Today I realized that I was having to fight against my sewing machine because I was trying to use a ballpoint needle on a woven fabric. Boy, don’t I feel stupid. In my defence, I was so excited to have my machine cleaned and oiled, that I grabbed the first needle I laid my hands on without looking at the packaging.

The type and size of the needle matters. A lot.

I was having a lot of problems with skipped stitches and the thread breaking. And the needle punching giant holes in my fabric. Which makes sense, considering that ballpoint needles are supposed to be used on knits, not wovens. Apparently, they don’t work at all on wovens.

Before now I haven’t had the chance to work with different needles. Sewing classes in school were a joke (I ultimately abandoned them because I was sick of making cotton pyjama pants — the bitch teacher wouldn’t let me pick my own projects) and my mother only had sharp needles for her machine, so I had no idea that the needle type affected it so much. I was getting really frustrated with how much I had to fight the machine.

Luckily, I asked my Singer what it wanted from me, and the thought “You’re using the wrong needle” kept repeating itself in my mind. So I started pulling out packages, and realized my mistake.

Yes, I talk to my machine. That’s how I got it working in the first place.

Now that I have the right needle inserted, sewing has become much more enjoyable. I look forward to a long friendship.