A rant against skinny jeans

Back at the end of February, my lover and I decided to travel clear across the country to Pittsburgh to see if we could find any work there, and we had high hopes that everything would work out, especially since my lover had been talking to a couple different companies about the possibility of getting a job.

Ha ha, not.

There were a huge number of things about Pittsburgh that I thoroughly loathed, but that’s a different topic for a different blog.  I’m just going to say this to anyone from that area who happens to be reading this: your libraries fucking suck! Get over it.

Anyway, it was there that I was first exposed to the fashion of ultra tight jeans. It was something of a horrible shock, especially for little old fashioned me with my dainty sense of propriety. I mean, those pants were so fucking tight that you could not only see every roll and jiggle, but the depths of their butt cracks as well. What in the hell happened to good taste?

There was only one woman who pulled it off, and that was a tall, skinny black woman here in California.

I wonder what happened to the idea of dressing for your body type, and I’m not referring to emphasizing your boobs as much as possible. Short and padded should not be trying to dress like they’re tall and lanky. I don’t care if the fashion industry says that ultra tight jeans are in, no one wants to see how much your butt fat  bounces around when you walk.

It’s a trend that I’ve noticed; all of the fashion don’ts from yesterday have become today’s fashion do’s. “Don’t wear tapered jeans, they make your hips look bigger,” turned into, “BUY TAPERED JEANS EVERYONE ELSE IS WEARING THEM!!!1” And now everyone is walking around with over-emphasized hips, like brainless losers.

Once upon a time, clothing was an art. Now it’s just a hideous grab for money.

PS, I hate Pittsburgh. More on that later.