Singer 404

Singer 404, my new machine.

My beau convinced me to get an older machine on Craigslist, instead of the whole modern day new shit that they have out. I admit that I wasn’t sure of it at first, ’cause you know, those new machines have 70 different stitches and one-step button holes — essentials for the lazy-ass hobbyist. But as I was pulling this machine apart and cleaning off rust and gunk, I found myself falling in love with it. It had a history. Fifty years ago, some other woman sat at this desk and worked on her projects. Some of her unfinished pieces were still in the drawers. And as I worked with it, I realized that modern day sewing machines have been dumbed down quite a bit. I guess it’s because crafters who sew cozies for their dildos are unable to thread a needle on their own.

Not that I’m judging, or anything.

Anyway, the 404 model is a simple straight stitch, and my particular machine was mounted into a desk with a knee-press pedal. Since I now know the guts of the machine quite intimately and had to put a lot of work in to get it running properly, I’m very fond of it.

Animal buddies are essential for sewing.


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