Haute Couture

My beau bought Couture Sewing Techniques for me for Christmas (wait until the 25th? Never!), and it’s been wonderful to read through. At the same time, I’m kind of scared now. You see, the book inspired me to start a project using some of the techniques, and I’ve kind of fallen in love with hand stitching. I feel like I’m working with the cloth instead of against it, and even though I’m a complete amateur, the process isn’t as slow as I had anticipated. It’s just . . . can you imagine hemming skirts by hand? Oh my Lord, it would be so tedious!

So far I’ve completed the first basting step, which I’ve realized is important considering that one does not want to spend hours putting in strong permanent stitches only to find out that something is horribly wrong. I intend to use as many haute couture techniques as I can stomach on this project, so it will be a blast to see how it turns out. Hopefully very well, since it’s converting a two-hour project into a several-hour one.